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    Boris Bidjan Saberi moves on to a new line based on the symbolic number of the brand. Going far beyond a numeric expression, 11 reveals a street functional dimension and his technical knowledge, 11by BBS provides day-to-day garments conceived to answer actual needs.


    Korean brand 99%IS is founded in 2012. Designer Bajowoo is deeply inspired by rock music and street culture to bring unique cultural elements into the design concepts of the brand.

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    A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Creation) is a french fashion label founded by Jean Touitou. Beyond clothes and accessories, APC also releases records.


    Brand concept of designers Hachiman Natsuki (Hachiman Natsuki) and Goto Aya (Goto color) is "dressed in costumes with attitude, rather than the body". Italian "aacero" meant to express the daily fine change of those women, through high-quality knitwear to express the varying feel.

    Acne Studios

    Acne Studios unites innovative jeans styles with a versatile wardrobe for men and women, ranging from basic cotton T-shirts, to tailored jackets to luxurious accessories and shoes.

    Alexander McQueen

    With his continually provocative shows and outrageous designs, Alexander McQueen has solidified his reputation as the bad boy of fashion. The designer's potent mix of controversy, creativity, and technical mastery has earned him three British Designer of the Year awards and a faithful celebrity following (fans include David Bowie and Prodigy's Keith Flint). He joined the Gucci group in 2000.


    Alexander Wang was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and later moved to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design. In 2005, after two years, he left school to pursue launching his own label.


    Before Australian designer Alice McCall set up her own label, she was a stylist in London, New York and Australia for Beyonce and Natalie Imbrulia etc.


    Founded in 2015, Almostblack refers to the coloar indigo. During Kamakura periodindigo became a favourite of samurai as a symbol of luck with victory. Almostblack is to express something new and powerful through a fusion of Japanese aesthetic born from time honored crafts and creative traditions with global culture.


    Born in 1980, Alexandre Mattiussi studied at Duperré fashion design school in Paris, specialising in menswear design. After working in Dior, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs, Mattiussi launches his own brand in 2011: AMI. The brand's name is composed of his initials and the last letter of his name, translated into English it means 'friend'.


    Born in Belgium in 1959. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1981, she is a member of the famous academy alumni known as "Antwerp 6". Ann Demeulemmester joined the London Collections in 1987 and has participated in Paris Collections since 1992.


    "AN・REAL・AGE" stands for "real, unreal, age". Designer Kunihiko Morinaga defines "real" as mediocre, but believes "unreal" does not represent superior, but in fact the hidden characteristics that lie beneath ordinary.

    AQ / AQ

    AQ/AQ is a London based contemporary fashion brand for men and women formally known as Aqua by Aqua. AQ/AQ’s super brand attitude and high fashion aesthetic coupled with an accessible price point has ensured a dedicated following of style leaders.


    Asrid Andersen was born in Denmark, she then graduated from The Royal College of Art in 2010 and went on the win the Brioni Creativity and Innovation Award and the River Island MA Student Bursary Award.

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    Cristobal Balenciaga started his couture house back in 1919, influencing the face of modern couture with his imposing, sculpture-like silhouettes. The line, dormant for nearly thirty years, stepped into the ready-to-wear arena in the 90's, reproducing classic looks for the minimal tides of that era.


    Debuting in 2015 as A BATHING APE®'s high-end diffusion line, BAPE BLACK utilises its namesake colour to redefine the essence of urban luxury. Taking a detour from BAPE's signature aesthetic, BAPE BLACK combines premium grade materials with artisanal craftsmanship to deliver luxurious offerings such as their 925 Sterling Silver jewellery collection. The iconic Ape Head motif is reinvented through a greyscale lens with revamped expressional detailing, boasting a confident and assertive tone. Asides from fashion, BAPE BLACK fuses their DNA into their collaborations with numerous lifestyle brands, cementing their status not only as a premium label but as an all-encompassing way of life.


    Established in 2001, the ladies' brand by A BATHING APE® has a vision of crafting clothing and accessories for any Busy Working Lady. Featuring “coral pink” as its key colour, the brand produces feminine pieces that are handy and travel-friendly. Each design delivers the brand's signature feminine sensibility as well as practicality.


    The Barbour story began in 1894 in South Shields. Today the 5th generation family owned business remains in the read, with Barbour's headquarters located in Simonside, South Shields.


    Earlier this year, just before graduating from London’s University of Westminster, Brighton-born menswear designer Aaron Tubb decided that he wanted to start a luxe sportswear brand. The result was Bazar-14, a range whose name he took from a vintage boutique on Rue de Bretagne, in Paris, which he stumbled upon while interning for Givenchy.


    BLACK is a good example of Kawakubo’s talent both as designer and entrepreneur and she showed flexibility in dealing with the times and was quick in materializing an idea into a brand. Some of the already-popular patterns were adopted, and COMME des GARCONS’s iconic color, black, was mainly used in this line, with some white and grey to bring out the best of black.


    BLOOD BROTHER Founded in 2011, the brand often cooperate with different artist, including photographers, directors, musicians, etc. The brand style is simple design clothing with the street element.


    Boris Bidjan Saberi is known of his unique take on contemporary handcrafted ready-to-wear. The half-German, half- Iranian designer launched his eponymous label in 2007 and has ever since developed his creations in his atelier in Barcelona.


    Dating back to the 1970s, founder Stephane Raynor first started selling his then own brand 'Acme Attractions' on King's Road in London which also housed design mavericks in the likes of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood.


    In 2004 Designers Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman met in New York, where their collaborative brainchild BOYY was born. The heady pairing of a keen eye for design and profound artistic sensibility, generated a line of luxury handbags and leather goods, coveted by fashion lovers worldwide.


    Brain&Beast was born in 2009 founded by Ángel Vilda – who previously managed his own brand –and César Olivar ( who has an extensive background in costume design ). Lately, Ezequiel Carril arrived to the Brain&Beast Team becoming the 3rd member. Both of them are helding teaching positions in fashion design. This collection reflects on games, riddles, hieroglyphics of apparent structural simplicity, that respond to complex geometrical equations in which color and materials form parts of codes where nothing is random. Brain&Beast is presenting garments that combine emotion and reason, with a strong influence of contemporary culture, as well as a large dose of sophistication and a sense of humor. * Only available at selected I.T, please ask shop staff for details.


    Military and biker inspired shoes with strong vintage effects, Bruno Bordese's new brand uses his personal experimentation with the evolution of washing techniques to produce unique collections of unmistakable design and technical expertise.


    Building Block is a multi-medium design studio based in Los Angeles, established in 2011. The intent of each product is to clear away conventional standards of luxury by magnifying what is essential and editing out excess. Through the exploration of utilitarian materials and forms, Building Block suggests a minimalist alternative to accessories, finding continual inspiration in returning to square one.


    Buscemi's high quality shoe has been made in Civitanova, Italy in the same factory that produces brands like Chanel and Golden Goose among others. Their company pays testament to the standard of the shoes, with a full-grain Italian leather upper and 18K gold details on the ankle strap and a working lock and clochette.

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    Established in 1989, CA4LA is solely dedicated to hat designs, leading the trend of the hat industry. With over 10 in-house designers under the label, CA4LA is now a worldwide brand.


    Carmen de Tommaso founded her fashion house in 1945 and named it Carven. Since the beginning, the Carven house has had a very Parisian and democratic view of fashion design. Spontaneous, light, simple and enthusiastic, the most impulsive fashion designer of her time, Madame Carven has always accomplished things on the basis of her love, her convictions and desire to play.


    Cesare Casadei says that footwear is the mirror where one can see his personal Universe reflected. A woman wearing Casadei shoes cannot escape unnoticed. She always looks sensuous, expensive and smashing. Extravagant design and high heels, chic and creativity are key ideas of this brand.


    Founded in 1945, the French fashion label manufactures Kidwear until 1996, US reowned fashion designer Michael Kors was assigned at the first designer for its womenswear and creative director which aroused lots of socialites' support to the brand.


    Having built up an international fan base with her stylish advice, Chiara Ferragni went on to catch the attention of some of fashion's most important designers and is now a regular attendee at the hottest catwalk shows. The Italian fashion blogger has now entered the world of design with her new line of shoes, that will surely make it onto the "must have" list of many a die hard fashion fan.


    "REKISAMI"s concept is "Unbalanced Beauty", in order to view the changes of the community by the imbalance aesthetic value.


    The current creative director Clare Waight Keller had worked in Calvin Klein, Gucci and successfully turned the classic brand Pringle of Scotland evolved into a stylish modern representative. Later, Clare began to work at Chloe since 2011 , replacing Hannah MacGibbon. Clare said she Chloe makes women to be more confident and beautiful.


    Christian DaDa is founded by Masanori Morikawa (森川 マサノリ). The vision of the brand is “ To create the clothing for the Adolescence”. It not only emphasizes on the degree of wearing, but also on utilizing the clothing as a tool to express one self’s identity.


    Christopher Ræburn is a young UK designer known for his pioneering work creating ethically aware and innovative men’s and womenswear collections from re-appropriated military fabrics.


    Born in Venice, Cinzia began to work within the family shoe business and presented her first collection in 2010. Her shoes are the result of a personal vision, in which she combines different materials, splitting the soles and deconstructing styles, offering cutting-edge, hand-crafted shoes.


    Martina Grasselli was born in Reggio Emilia, where she studied Architecture and Interior Design. Coliac was founded in 2009, it is a costume jewellery collection based on the use of different materials blended together. It is characterised by an ironic tone with a hint of the surreal, yet at the same time it is contemporary and sophisticated.

    COMME des Garçons Tricot

    " Tricot " meaning knitted goods, compared with other series in CDG , Tricot COMME DES GARCONS are more simple and wearable in terms of design concepts and details.


    Rei Kawakubo is the creative director of Comme des Garçons. She never trained to be a fashion designer; instead she studied art and literature at Keio University. She began making clothes under the label Comme des Garçons in 1969 and incorporated the label in 1973, a direct result of its popularity with Japanese consumers.


    BLACK is a good example of Kawakubo’s talent both as designer and entrepreneur and she showed flexibility in dealing with the times and was quick in materializing an idea into a brand. Some of the already-popular patterns were adopted, and COMME des GARCONS’s iconic color, black, was mainly used in this line, with some white and grey to bring out the best of black.

    Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons

    Inspired by COMME DES GARCONS SHIRT , COMME DES GARCONS COMME DES GARCONS follows the brand philosophy by expressing in the most incredible shapes. Visible stitching, reverse effect knit and impeccable jackets with warm inner waistcoats are revealed only by unbalanced lengths.


    Designed by Junya Watanabe, the Key phase for the brand is “Good Sense Good Quality”, which stand for good material, good sewing and good patterns. It does not sound new, but HOMME’s box silhouette basic line in black, navy and grey were quite refreshing. The wrinkle processed shirt has become an icon for the brand.


    This brand targeted business persons as “Business suits made in Japan for Japanese men.” The brand was renovated in 2009 and the product line has a wide variety including shoulder pad-less jackets and wrinkle-processed items. Business items such as ties, shirts, pullovers and shoes designed the CDG way are part of the collection as well.


    This is the men’s collection brand designed by Rei Kawakubo. It takes part in Paris Fashion Week. The brand suggested fresh and innovative styles each season.


    Founded by Rei Kawakubo in 2002, PLAY has earned its status in the industry rapidly, fancy by the young people . The classic red heart is a design by New York artist Flip Pagowski, deisgner has soon given more colors to the little heart, adding more fun and suprise to the collection.


    Rei Kawakubo enthrals and inspires today’s fashionistas with her avant-garde collections. In 1988, the brand introduced COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT, a shirt-dominated collection, which is typified by the use of bold colours, eye-catching print, and panelled detailing. The youthful brand innovates with shape and style, presenting the COMME des GARÇONS silhouette in a contemporary manner.

  • D
    D BY D

    Korean designer Kang Dong Jun launched D by D in 2009 as a younger, more accessible companion to his D.GNAK by KANG.D line. With heavy inspirations of urban culture, streetwear, and a casual lifestyle,


    D.GNAK is the menswear label of Korean designer Kang Dong Jun. Born in Seoul, Kang trained at New York's Parson's School of Design and launched D.GNAK with a debut show at 2008 F/W Seoul Fashion Week. The brand's defining characteristic is tailored clothing with twisted details; clothing that is achromatic in colour and innovative in silhouette.


    Known as a design genius, Delfina first created her jewels collection when she was at the beginning of her twenties. Delifina's series are always surprising with creative ideas and unique designs.


    DELPOZO embraces time-honored couture techniques with a modern sensibility to create unique and feminine pieces for the contemporary woman. A combination of contrasting elements defines the prêt-à-couture house: DELPOZO is traditional and modern, organic and architectural, sumptuous and pure.


    Demi Park has been at the forefront of Korean avant garde design since 1988, when she launched her label DEMOO PARKCHOONMOO. Subsequently, she launched her eponymous line, PARKCHOONMOO. Responding to high demand, the designer opened her first retail store in 1988 in trendy Apgujungdong (Korea) and expanded quickly into other Asian markets.


    Recognized as the queen of three-dimensional cutting, Charlotte Eskildsen and husband Niels Eskildsen launched the brand in 2002. Using architectural landscapes as their inspirations, their garments focus on cutting, offering a collection of constructive details.


    DIGAWEL is founded by the designer Kohei Nishimura in 2006. Compared with other Japanese brand, DIGAWEL is relatively low profile. The designer hopes to abandon all the standard on clothing, strives to create the design with DIGAWEL identity, which is in turn highly personalized.


    Based in Paris, Rick Owens DRKSHDW line draws on the familiar Rick Owens silhouette as a base, making it more accessible through softened features and materials that are suitable for everyday wear. Each season, a selection of the brand’s signature styles are revisited, incorporating contemporary design touches and subtle variations on their mainline relatives for fans of either part of the brand


    Founded in 2004, Duvetica offers high quality down garments that use only the most expensive and rare Grey Goose feather from France. On the other hand, fabrics are made with precise technique, creating a young and stylish collection of down jackets.

  • E

    EACH X OTHER was born of an encounter between fashion designer Ilan delouis and artistic director Jenny Mannerheim. Inspired by a poem by Robert Montgomery “safe and warm here / in the fire of each other”, the duo decided to create a masculine wardrobe for women; a unisex and collaborative brand which invites artists, designers and craftsmen to design models for their collections.


    "EENK" comes from "INK", meaning the same as the INK, works to bring out the meaning and images.


    Emanuele Bicocchi was born in Florence and he started to expressed his creativity already as a young boy, a creativity that developed with the passing of the years. His original designs are a mixture of informal elegance and capacity to express values, feelings and states of mind.


    One of the world’s most esteemed luxury designers, Giorgio Armani has built a fashion empire that is now one of the largest in the world. Giving classic styles a softer edge, the label has always embodied a relaxed sexiness that is loved by super models and stars alike. Launched in 1981 to appeal to a younger clientele, Emporio Armani is the largest line under the Armani umbrella, and offers sleek, urban styles with a sporty edge.


    Ensor Civet is known for its elegant designs, ideal for the modern women that are sharp in senses and strong in personality. Using unique fabrics and cutting, the brand focuses on "Feminine Mood and Men's Works" as their core concept, creating a line of edgy collection.


    Études Studio was established in 2012 by the French artists Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry. Études works as a collective, based in both Paris and New York. Études designs and produces men’s contemporary fashion, artist books and proposes its creative series.


    Graduated from Bunka Fashion College, Junya Watanabe joined Comme des Garçons as a pattern cutter. Although designing under his own name, Watanabe still works under the overall Comme des Garçons title.


    The philosophy of the brand is based on a great sense of craftsmanship and an accurate attention to structural details and to fabrics’ selection.

  • F

    Launched by Fabio Rusconi in 1998, this Italian footwear brand crafts classic feminine shoes out of the finest leathers. Ethically produced and environmentally friendly, the line is of a timeless, corporate style; crisp contours, assured tones and extremely versatile by design.


    Facetasm is a young Japanese label that has great influence on the fashion industry in Japan. Prior to establishing his own label in 2007, designer Hiromichi Ochiai previously worked at Comme des Garcons and Undercover.


    The designer Koji UDO graduated from the MODE college in Tokyo and joined the famous Japanese brand Beams. After being independent from Beams he continued his study in London and founded the brand FACTOTUM in 2004.


    FAITH CONNEXION is a new brand launched in a creative laboratory – connected to the present and looking towards the future. A creative community that leads the success of the brand, artists, stylists, photographer, print makers, that build all together the new FAITH CONNEXION story.


    FEAR OF GOD, the LA based clothing company, inspired by the late 80's and early 90's fashion scene, has exploded into fashion world with high-end clothing items designed to be worn daily. The line ranges from flannel tops and pull-over hoodies to sweatshirts and drop crotch sweatpants.


    Federica Moretti is one of the most expressive hat designers, who in just a few years has collaborated with famous names in fashions such as Les Hommes, Fausto Puglisi, Trussardi, Mila Schon, Franki Morello, MSGM, Umit Benan, Just Cavalli and Borsalino.


    Lauched in 2009 by Carol and Sarah Piron, the brand FILLES A PAPA has its roots in Liège. The region, which doesn't know whether to laugh or die, is often left off the Belgian fashion map. The sisters were soon joined by fashion photographer Gregory Derkenne who, beyond his eye for aesthetics, honed the label's ethos. The duo-cum-trio was quick to understand that fashion and style is a question of identity.


    Although Jei Kim young designers has never been to a foreign country for further study, but since little has been nurtured as a pattern designer's father, began at age 12 with his father to study pattern making, and Myong Ji College after attending a two-year course, and establishes its own online store, www.fleamadonnashop.com, their brands into the market.


    FRAME was founded in 2012 by Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, the two London based Swedes behind The Saturday Groupe. The pair wanted to create the perfect pair of jeans, by bringing together the quality and heritage of denim manufacturing in Los Angeles, with the influence of a London style, cut and fit.


    The brand started in 2001. The "childish adult clothes" concept. A relaxing ware that has been subjected to processing, such as damage or wash.


    It was at the end of the 1940s that FRED PERRY was approached by Tibby Wegner, a former Austrian footballer, with an idea for marketing a sweatband bearing the FRED PERRY name.

  • G

    Making headway with her investigation of a more feminine look, designer Mug presented a series of sassy and sexy designs here. A bright red dress and leopard print coat, as well as enamel ankle boots, dazzled on the gloomily lit G.V.G.V. runway.


    GANRYU is a sub-line of COMME des GARCONS founded by Fumito Ganryu in 2007. Focusing on Street Fashion wear, designer has make good use of materials in different textures, patterns and colors to provide a stage presence to the collection.


    Gareth is the most upcoming designer in London, and he's very popular around the world right now, every one talks about him. He has been the assistant of Rick Owens, and all his clothing is being produced by Owen Co. (“Rick Owens Empire in Paris”). He has been selected as “10 Must Know Designers” in London fashion week.


    The brand GEDEBE is born in the April of 2010, created by GIUSEPPE DELLA BADIA a 28 years old from Naples. He graduated in Law school but he has been always in love with fashion and craftmanship: very talented in the embroidering of stones and crystals where he mixed texture, fabrics and colours in a clever way.


    General Idea fashion brand founded in 2004 years, with unique and innovative design concepts and clever use of color. He is the youngest designer in Seoul Fashion Week ever. 2009 autumn and winter, the brand became the first one, which is Korean designers formally enter the New York Fashion Week.


    Son of the legendary shoe-maker Sergio Rossi, Gianvito Rossi followed in his father’s footsteps and launched his eponymous footwear label in 2006. The label, with fine Italian craftsmanship at its core, has its own factory in Milan and boutiques in Via Santo Spirito, Milan and in the prestigious Rue Du Mont Thabor, Paris.


    Edgy, cool and original. Every pair of sneakers from the Italian brand Gienchi has something that the eye just can't miss. The creators behind the brand give attention to every single detail and the result is stunning. A pair of Gienchi shoes will make anyone feel unique and special.

    GIRL Comme des Garçons

    The Comme des Garcons Girl line approaches feminine and naive looks with the intellectual outlook of the main collection. Cardigans, pleated skirts, Peter Pan collar blouses, and shorts subvert schoolgirl style tropes with new proportions and cuts.


    Designer Jong Go Woun was born in 1984 in Seoul in 2009 from France Paris Paris' Studio Bercot fashion school graduate, majoring in women's clothing, one year later, on Korea version of the reality TV show "Project Runway" and became a champion.


    Golden Goose was created by Francesca and Alessandro Gallo in 2000, inspired by their shared passion for fashion and art. Combining new fits and produced in Venice with traditional 'made in Italy' techniques, the line offers an elegant and modern Italian aesthetic for those looking for something special to wear every day.


    Maki has worked for Yohji Yamamoto for 9 years before launching his first collection in Paris in 1995. Maki's designs focused on deconstruction and reconstruction of the clothes.


    Gosha Rubchinskiy started his own streetwear brand in 2008. He wants to express the social phenomenon he observed as well as what he got inspired by photography, films and books through his extravagant collection.


    " Greg Lauren's collections typically feature handcrafted garments repurposed from seemingly odd fabrications, like vintage army tents and frayed ponchos. Dramatic, avant grade tailoring coexists with hyper-proletariat workwear to round out a collection that could, simultaneously, be from the past or even from the future.

  • H

    Harris Wharf London is a contemporary outerwear brand that reimagines classic formalwear. Based in London but produced in Turin, the label is infused with London sensibilities. All of the brands outerwear features raw edges and are unlined to give them a youthful take on traditional tailoring.


    Helmut Lang is often referred to as the master of Minimalist. He has started developing his fashion career as early as 1977. He opened business in Paris in 1986.


    In 2006, Shayne Oliver founded HOOD BY AIR in New York, using limited selling tactics to operate the business. Even so, the brand still attracted the supports from many hip-hop stars like ASAP ROCKY and Kanye West, earning the fame to become the new popular brand.


    Henry Holland designs with a London girl aesthetic in mind and is continually inspired by the variety of attitudes, cultures and mindsets that exist throughout the UK capital. The House of Holland girl is cool, confident and savvy and wears labels without being overpowered by them.


    Founded in 2008 and earned a number of popular superstars' appreciation since established. " HUMAN POTENTIAL ", means the unlimit of human's potential, encouraging those who are brave to pursue their dreams. " HUMAN POTENTIAL " combines strong design sensibilities with the highest quality materials that are lightweight and comfortable.


    Hyein Seo graduated from the famous Fashion Institute of Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After presence in the New York Fashioh Week FW14, the brand has gained remarkable attantion in the industry.


    Hideaki Yoshihara graduated Men's Apparel Academy College, worked for a number of well-known fashion brands as Patterner. In 1998 a partnership with his wife Yukiko Ode to launch their fashion brand - Green, with minimalist design, an absolutely material and tailoring, a public tide quickly swept the Japanese people.


    Founded by Nobuhiko Kitamura In 1984. The design concept of Hysteric Glamour , are around the 1960-1970's American pop culture. Nobuhiko Kitamura is inspired by Andy Warhol 's artistic works of art, in addition, also good at using Muscle Car (60 years US sports) , the sexy beauty portrait , neon boxes , Rock Style and Gibson guitar as the theme , which has the common point of those are 60-70's classic American hot topics.


    Designer launched HYSTERIC MINI in the second year of HYSTERIC GLAMOUR was founded , which is now popular as the "Black Super B" . The main market of HYSTERIC GLAMOUR is the young people and adults where HYSTERIC MINI is the children, therefore it is more cute and cheerful in terms of style, yet full of personality.

  • I

    I.T traces its beginning back to the seeds of a simple idea: to cater the young individuals with a distinct sense of style. It all began in 1988 with a small 200 square-foot shop featuring brands that were not readily available elsewhere in Hong Kong.


    Since 2006 Ilaria Nistri founded the brand and developed fashion & accessories line. Her designs emphasize on the balance between rationality & passion, tradition & innovation, use of handcraftmanship & technology.


    Origin from Paris designer brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton design simple and yet cool every day wear for women and launched the label IRO on 2004. They have always use delicate fabrics in their collection such as leather, cashmere, silk and pure cotton, the style is combined with street punk as well as Parisian chic.

  • J

    J Brand set out to create timeless, classic and sophisticated jeans with an emphasis on fit and the inspiration to make a woman look and feel beautiful in her jeans. Since the launch in 2004, J Brand has achieved a winning combination of style and comfort, with a vision to create a jean that fit so perfectly it would follow the contours of the body. With the introduction of the dark-washed skinny jean, J Brand was the first company to drive the skinny jean trend with global distribution.


    Born in Ireland, J.W.Anderson believes that fashion design can borrow ideas from both mens and women’s wear. Men’s wear can be inspired by the ideas of women’s wear and vice versa.


    Self-taught fashion designer, Simon Porte, is the vision behind the young label Jacquemus. Born in Provence, Porte showed his first collection in 2009, when he was just 20 years old. Fittingly, his collections centre on the youth spirit: the 80s pop girl who is fresh and rebellious.


    Jamie Wei Huang is a contemporary womenswear label established in 2013 which combines conceptual ideas with modern silhouette. The label is founded by Jamie Wei Huang after graduating from Central Saint Martins Art and Design College in London. She has worked in high-end fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane. The essential component of the label is simplistic with clean refined outline, masculine in a way into details.


    Since the departure of Jil Sander from the brand that she well-established, Raf Simons joint the group in 2006 as creative director, and launched a second line, named as Jil Sander Navy.


    Jinwoo-Choi, Yeonjoo-Koo graduated from fashion design institution Central Saint Martins. In 2010, established the brand.The brand is the gorgeous fusion of minimalist design elements, emphasizing the lines and tailoring.


    With the launch of the first women's wear collection under his name in 2010, Jonathan Simkhai presents his take on sophisticated dressing for the modern, cosmopolitan woman. As we see gender lines blurring within the realms of fashion and sexuality, Simkhai's collection indulges in this ambiguity. Charged by men's fashion mores and taking inspiration from the beautiful fabrics like cashmere, wool, cotton and silk that he utilizes, Simkhai's collection brings forth classic codes translated into sexy and feminine silhouettes.


    JOSEPH modernised women. Founder Joseph Ettedgui imagined a revolution in the way we buy fashion. With his keen instincts, Joseph created a boutique in the 60s with his brother that was more magazine than clothes shop - somewhere to discover new ideas, new styles and new designers. Joseph brought Kenzo to the world's attention, even after his own eponymous label was launched to acclaim in 1972 for its knitwear and tailoring, Joseph continued to showcase the designers he had discovered and nurtured. Joseph now has over 80 stores worldwide. Under the creative direction of Louise Trotter, Joseph presents a high contemporary ready-to-wear collection with a strong core of luxury essentials.


    Joshua Sanders is a new emerging name in fashion system, that crosses and connects couture to the street, combining italian luxury with a cosmopolitan view of fashion.

    Julien David

    French designer Julien David, who cut his teeth with Narciso Rodriguez and Ralph Lauren, launched his Toyko-based label in 2007. Sharp tailoring and masculine-meets-feminine footwear underpin his signature looks.


    Junya Watanabe is a fashion designer working in Tokyo. Born in Tokyo in 1967, Watanabe graduated from Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo, in 1984 and immediately joined Comme des Garçons as a pattern cutter and underling of founder-owner of Comme des Garçons, designer Rei Kawakubo.


    Established in 2010, by Jackie Villevoye, Jupe by Jackie is based on the concept that an accessory is the ultimate instrument for expressing personal style. With an emphasis on grace and individuality, the label shows an extreme attention to detail.


    Julius is a Japanese fashion label run and designed by Tatsuro Horikawa. The label focuses on presenting a wide array of gothic inspired clothing, utilizing the color black extensively to explore its meaning in both Avant Garde, spiritual, and religious aspects of the designer’s life.

  • K

    "KARA is a New York City based accessories label founded by Sarah Law. Sarah was born in California and raised in Hong Kong. She attended Parson's School of Design in New York and Paris. After graduating, she designed women's accessories at Gap for two years. The debut season of KARA was Fall Winter 2013. "


    Founded in 2015, KENDALL + KYLIE showcases the duality of two distinct styles in one collection comprised of premium fabrics and classic silhouettes. The brand is feminine with a modern edge and offers clothing and accessories that you live in, work in, play in, and love.


    The KENZO brand is a unique alchemy between East and West. "KENZO" brought the idea of "complete freedom" to clothing and accessories, expressed in an infinite fusion of materials, colors, prints and cutting techniques.


    kiok is one of Korea's most influential designers. The signature fine designs and the use of images, music and lighting in fashion show images make people feels passion & brand's charisma . Founded KANG MODE in 1979, the designer established KANG KIOK BOUTIQUE in 1989, bringing changes to brand itself and also the entire fashion industry.


    KKtP is the footwear line set up by Kim Kiroic in 2008, and developed the design for modern youth in 2013. KKtP is the combination of Kim's sharp and innovative style and modern chic aesthetic, sporty street style meets futuristic vision.


    Worked in Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons for 5 years, Junichi Abe established his own label “Kolor” in 2004 which focused on menswear at that moment. In S/S2005, he launched his first womenswear collection.

    kolor BEACON

    Kris Van Assche is a Belgian fashion designer. He studied at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Antwerp from 1994 to 1998. After graduation he moved to Paris in 1998 and was immediately appointed at Yves Saint Laurent as Hedi Slimane’s first assistant for the Rive Gauche Homme line.


    KYE designer Kathleen Kye graduated from the London Central St. Martins. She is the youngest master's degree graduates in the school record, which makes her stand out in the fashion industry, catching the attention from Opening Ceremony with her innovative design.


    Kyme is a brand that design and produce sunglasses of the highest quality. The name of the brand,Kyme, comes from from Latin Kuma, meaning WAVE.

  • L

    One of the most influential designers of the 1920s and '30s, Jeanne Lanvin's skillful use of intricate trimmings, virtuoso embroideries and beaded decorations in clear, light, floral colors became a Lanvin trademark.

    Laurence & Chico

    Laurence & Chico is a Canadian womenswear brand established in 2015 by Laurence Li and Chico Wang. The brand’s inspiration comes from Laurence’s personalized illustrations depicting their daily lives. The illustrations show only Laurence and Chico drawn as two human characters, whereas friends and family are all characterized into animals, plants, fruits or vegetable figures. Laurence’s illustrations evoke a unique sense of humor with vivid colors inspiring Chico to use elements from such to create an imaginative, bold yet delicate prints and silhouettes for their collections.


    Cerebral and charismatic, LD Tuttle has a sculptural style packed with references to the nineties understatement. The designs by Californian Tiffany Tuttle have an extraordinary balance of matter and concept. A style that deconstructs the structures of the past to make new classics with a touch of innovation, vaguely dark and absolutely contemporary.


    Maria Sole Cecchi, also known as Les Petits Joueurs designer, was just of age when she left her house in Florence to go to Paris in search of inspiration for a lifetime.


    Lewis Leathers is a British motorcycles leather clothing brand with the longest history. Founded in 1892, D Lewis Ltd began manufacturing leather clothing for motorcycles racing. The brand has now been equivalent to motorcycles and British rock history.


    Founded in 2012 , LIE has earned the status in the industry rapidly. As the secondary line of LIE SANG BONG , LIE combined the simple style of New York and the avant-garde style of Paris, using the high quality materials and incredible workmanship to create the luxury look.


    Opening with a camisole dress matched with engineer boots, this collection depicted a strong woman who stood in stark contrast to last season's sweet and sexy girls.


    Linda Farrow was one of the first designers to treat eyewear as fashion and established her brand in 1970. The luxury eyewear of Linda Farrow rose quickly to acclaim amongst stylish Londoners and international jet set.


    LOEWE approaches 170 years as one of the world’s major luxury houses, defined by the modernity of its past, an unwavering confidence in the present, and a firm look forward. Craftsmanship, progress and unequalled expertise with leather, LOEWE’s founding pillars, are reconfigured with a timely awareness evident in desirable and functional products across multiple categories, including ready-to-wear, accessories, home and lifestyle.


    Inspired by the Hellenistic sculptures and ancient character Salome story, the series focus on the complex patterns and made them simplistic but still maintain the magnificent beauty.


    Love Moschino is a women's and men's diffustion line, known as Moschion Jeans from 1986 to 2008. Starting with the F/W 2008-2009 pre-collection, the Moschino Jeans label changed its name to Love Moschino which better expresses its intrinsic nature.


    Shinsuke Takizawa was born in 1967 in Nagano, Japan. He loves strange and rare animals like chameleons and lizards. He also loves military figures and injects his interests into the designs. Therefore, many of his designs are related to military.

  • M

    Established in 2012, M2MALLETIER is a luxury handbag brand conceptualized and designed in Barcelona. Design duo Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez, who met one another at Parsons School of Design in New York City, envisioned a handbag that preserved the two designer’s Colombian roots while transforming traditional leather goods into an intelligent and extraordinary piece for collectors of the remarkable and unexpected.


    Azreal Sky refuses to turn the brand itself to be a popular & massive symbol. MAISON DU POSH emphasizes creativity, freedom and individuality. Its collections can always show the elegancy, superiority and uniqueness to fashion-lovers.


    Under the impulse of Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, Maison Kitsuné first comes to light in 2002. A trip to Japan inspires them to bring their passions together around a single concept: a structure with multiple guises, a one-of-a-kind, uniting fashion, music and design.


    Maison Margiela was found in 1988 and presented his first collection in 89 S/S. MM6, the basic garments for women was introduced 1998. 10, the wardrobe for men debuted in 1999. 4, the wardrobe for women was introduced in 04 S/S.


    Maiyet is a modern, ethical and luxury fashion brand that partners with global artisans to incorporate exquisitely handcrafted details and unexpected fabric techniques into our collections - all sourced globally and made locally.


    Maiko 's grandmother's green “Kutani ware” (Japanese porcelain) is the source of her inspiration. The green color stippled on the thick ware has a three-dimensional quality, which Kurogouchi has adopted on textiles.

    MANU Atelier

    MANU atelier is a handmade, hand crafted, bag collection from Istanbul Turkey. MANU Atelier was founded in 2014 by sisters Beste and Merve Manastır, the daughters of one of the oldest and most talented craftsman and leather goods manufacturer in Istanbul. MANU is taken from the word “manufacturing” also meaning “handmade” in Latin as well as being a play on their family name “Manastir”.


    In 1989 Jacobs and business partner Robert Duffy joined Perry Ellis as Vice-President of Women’s Design and President respectively. In 1992, the CFDA once again bestowed Jacobs with a distinct honor: the Women’s Designer of the Year Award for his fabled Grunge Collection.


    Marcelo Burlon uses t-shirts as a launch-pad for his multicultural vision centered around the idea of self-determination as revolutionary tool.

    Marco De Vincenzo

    Marco De Vincenzo was born in Messina in 1978. After having attended humanities highschool, he moves to Rome at 18 to continue his studies. Once he turned 21, he becomes part of Fendi’s style department as accessory designer. Today he's the leathergoods head designer at Fendi. In 2009 he establishes the pret-a-porter brand that bears his name. The first collection debuts on January 28th in Paris during the haute couture's days. In July 2009 Marco wins Who's On Next, the contest created by Vogue Italia's director Franca Sozzani. Since September 2009 he presents his collections during Milan's fashion weeks. In 2014 he signs a joint venture deal with the LVMH group, to develop the brand. Marco is influenced by his identity's background in an unexpected way. Ancient and modern/contemporary art represent the asset from which he drives inspiration to design the new collections. His interior contrast between decorativism and minimalism stands out from the collections. His ideas are clear and innovative and they come out from his innumerable inspirational cultural references. Marco has a remarkable view on his femininity codes. The collections are graphic, multidimensional, surreal. They define the idea of manipulation of the material who rules his style.


    MFP creates a changing, avant-garde aesthetic which is far from the obvious. This mix allows MariaFrancescaPepe collections to be sought after by a variety of discerning consumers, regardless of age or background. Our ideal client is anyone who desires high quality, handcrafted pieces with an edge.


    Maria Stern is a very talented young designer. Her design is minimal, architectural and sophisticated. Signature designs are artificial pearl rings and bracelets. Sterling silver provides the foundation for each piece, whether the pearls are ascending the ear, or crossing two fingers, structure is key.


    The designer of MARKAWARE and marka, first launched the label in autumn/winter 2002. MARKAWARE and marka are different from most Japanese brands, its design tends to be in American style rather than Japanese style.


    The designer of MARKAWARE and marka, first launched the label in autumn/winter 2002. MARKAWARE and marka are different from most Japanese brands, its design tends to be in American style rather than Japanese style.


    Born in the southern German city Kisslegg in 1977, Markus Lupfer is famous for knitwear design. He studied fashion design at the University of Westminister from 1995 to 1997, with the highest honor. After graduation, he founded his personal brand in 1998, currently stationed in London.


    MARNI is an Italian fashion label founded by Consuelo Castiglioni in 1994, who remains as the label's designer. Her husband Gianni Castiglioni is the CEO and their daughter Carolina is responsible for online stores and special planning director. The fashion line started in 1994, when Castiglioni became known for her contributions to the design of fur.


    Trained both in womenswear, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida subscribe to the Helmut Lang school of thought, where ‘fashion is about attitude, not hemlines’.


    Mastermind created by designer Masaaki Honma in 1997, often produces no more than three of each item it designs. Punk-inspired graphics combine with beautiful detailing in precious raw materials like diamond to give the collection a unique aesthetic.


    Cooperated with famous brand such as FRAGMENT, VISVIM and Roar. Using simply black and white as the key colours of its products, the brand emphasis on the handmade high quality, adhering the mature concept of design and tailoring.


    One of the world’s foremost luxury accessories brands, MAWI is led by Creative Director Mawi Keivom and Managing Director Tim Awan who live and work in the culturally rich and artistically diverse area of Dalston, East London.


    With his continually provocative shows and outrageous designs, Alexander McQueen has solidified his reputation as the bad boy of fashion. The designer's potent mix of controversy, creativity, and technical mastery has earned him three British Designer of the Year awards and a faithful celebrity following (fans include David Bowie and Prodigy's Keith Flint).


    Mecibeacoup is purely, happily, beautifully, neat and proper, but with fun. Designer shows the dedication never to forget, but everyday cherish, the percious feeling of appreciation and thanks.


    Michaela Buerger is a Parisian fashion designer. From a very early age, Michaela Buerger has known how to knit ; this skill has been passed on from mother to daughter for generations. With this savoir-faire, she has built a fashion house of hand knit, and her collections use hand knit pieces in innovative and fun ways that have never been seen before. She unexpectedly inserts intricately and impeccably conceived hand knit pieces–produced by 200 women in the former Yugoslavia countries–into wardrobe classics: sweatshirts, t-shirts, shirts, denim-wear and since 2016 a kids-wear line joined the collection. A former student of Raf Simons at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, her unique hand knit style is today chosen internationally by the most influential buyers.


    From a young age Marie Marquet, the founder of MiniMe Paris, has loved creating accessories and clothing. She is a big child fascinated by fairy tales, the imaginary, and pop surrealism. She studied at the Ecole de la ChambreSyndical de la Couture Parisienne, and has worked at several "Grandes Maisons" including Hermes, Balmain and Chanel. In September 2014, MiniMe was presented for the first time at Première Classe.


    The Minna Parikka brand was born the day that 15-year-old Minna decided shoes were her life’s true calling. Since then, the Helsinki-based designer’s creations have graced the feet and physiques of adventurous women around the globe,  including Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Paloma Faith and Beth Ditto.


    Mira Mikati thrives on chaos, optimism and excitement. Colorful, irreverent, happy, understated, and chic are all elements that Mikati inflects into the design of MIRA MIKATI, and her life. The collection is known for its effortlessly cool, fun and ease.


    MISBHV also known Misbehave label are fronted by designers Natalia and Kate. Together they launched the brand in Poland with the aim to make clothes ‘their friends would like’. Aiming to break the cycle of imitation in fashion and to always embody uniqueness Misbehave’s clothing are for those who want to be style confident and will risk anything for individuality.


    Graduated from Bunka Fashion College in 1994, Miyao worked as patterner for COMME des GARCONS for nearly 13 years. His designs were deeply influenced by Rei Kawakubo. In 2005, he collaborated with young designers such as Ross Menuez on a year long project called Salvor Projects in New York city. In 2011, he officially started his own brand MIYAO.


    MM6 is the sister label to cult superbrand Maison Margiela. The range consists of easily mixable separates, shoes and accessories comprising of wearable day-to-day basics. Pieces can be worn a variety of different ways, encouraging the wearer to express her own style and individuality whilst staying true to the distinctive style of the mainline collection.


    Mykita and Maidon Margiela are linked by a shared concept of the creative process - the reinterpretation of historical forms, radical experimentation with constructions and an unconventional approach to materials.


    West London native Molly Goddard began to specialise in traditional hand-craft techniques such as hand- pleating, smocking and crocheting during her BA in Fashion Knit at Central St Martins. Her work touches upon themes of special occasions, nostalgia and coming of age, often taking inspiration from party dresses and sunday best.


    Founded in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France, Moncler is now located in Italy. Over the course of the years the brand has merged style with ongoing technological research, which harnesses the knowledge of mountaineering experts. Moncler collections combine extreme needs with day-to-day city life. Beginning in 2003, when Remo Ruffini entered in the Group, a process of repositioning of the brand was initiated through which Moncler products take on an ever more distinctive and exclusive aspect.


    Moschino is a part of the Aeffe fashion group and a design house and manufacturer of women's and men's fashion. It was originally created in 1983 by the late Franco Moschino, and is well known for its "classico con twist", (classical with a twist) style. The current head of design, Rossella Jardini, has successfully taken Franco's humour and style and made it relevant to today. The look of Moschino garments is often referred to as classical, whimsical, and sexy, and unique styles usually filled with a dash of humour.

    Mother of Pearl

    An avid sportswoman and fashion enthusiast, Founder Maia Norman’s lifestyle and surroundings have heavily influenced the brand ethos and direction of Mother of Pearl.


    Co-founded by Yuichi Yoshii and Takeshi Osumi. MR. GENTLEMAN is the new Japanese fashion brand which combined elements of traditional British gentleman’s clothing and street fashion. It also focuses on the details and cutting.


    Introducing a Kaleidoscope world made of colours, shapes and lines capable of inexorably catching the public interest and attention and acknowledging MSGM as one the most intriguing brand of the moment.


    Yoshio Kubo graduated from the Philadelphia University’s school of Textile & Science in 2000. He had been working for New York haute couture designer “Robert Danes” as an assistant designer for 4 years in New York. “muller of yoshiokubo Spring / Summer 2007 collection” is launched from 2006


    Michiko Nakayama graduated from Tokyo’s Dressmaker Gakuin and founded her own brand MUVEIL in 2007. The word MUVEIL is coined by French word MUGUET and English word VEIL. Muguet means purity and the arrival of happiness and joy. The brand hopes for people to gain their own happiness. Inspired by her childhood memories, the designer creates fashion that evokes a heartwarming ambience.

  • N

    Born in Kanagawa, in 1974. After working as a buyer for vintage shops, DaisUnited Kingdome Obana established his own label "N.HOOLYWOOD" and opened the first self-standing store "Mister hollywood" in 2000. He made his debut at the Tokyo Collection in Spring/Summer 2002.


    Natasha Zinko is a London based fine jewelry and ready-to-wear designer. The free-spirited, conceptual ready-to-wear collections honor the codes of the finest craftsmanship and are created entirely in her London atelier. Playful use of color, volume and proportions is key.


    First launched in the 1930’s in Czechoslovakia, pioneer label NEHERA focuses on soft sculptural volumes steeped in the tradition of the highest quality craftsmanship. The fabrics, all from Europe, evoke the trip of a collector. With precise attention to details, the brand illustrates restrained quality for a confident yet enigmatic woman. Before becoming creative director of the label in 2014, Samuel Drira worked as a stylist and creative consultant for various brands. His wealth of fashion knowledge and experience also comes from his years at ENCENS MAGAZINE, which he co-founded and is the publication’s fashion director.


    Neil studied at both Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art in London. Launched his own brand - Neil Barrett Womenswear Collections, Neil Barrett has attracted celebrities like Madonna, Kirsten Dunst, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson and Robin Wright.


    Nicholas Kirkwood, with his inimitable architectural design aesthetic, is one of fashion’s favourite shoe designers. Having collaborated with the likes of Erdem, Rodarte and Peter Pilotto, and accruing accomplishments such as ‘Footwear Designer of the Year’ and the ‘Swarovski Emerging Talent for Accessories’ award, Nicholas Kirkwood has firmly established himself as a reliable purveyor of iconically fantastic footwear designs.


    NIELS PEERAER, born in Antwerp 1989, is a Belgian fashion and accessories designer, and graduate of the Royal Fashion Academy of Antwerp June 2011.


    Starting from FW15, _JULIUS has stopped their sub-label - MA, in exchange for a new sub-label, NILS.  In comparison with MA, the design of NILS is relatively simple with hints of street style.  The design uses BASIC as a main theme with a casual-comfort concept.  The NILS FW15 collection has its unique slim cutting while keeping the characteristic of neutral design from MA.


    Nina Ricci was born out of the dream of an exceptional woman. She had a passion for French sophistication and it was clear for her that a woman’s beauty emanates from the thousand facets of her femininity, with an allure accompanying her every movement.


    Graduated from the prestigious Aoyama Gakuin University and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp . Designer Kei Ninomiya used "NOIR" which represents black as the brand name. NOIR is specialised in three-dimensional and asymmetrical designs, demonstrating the superb skills in details to show the different looks of black.


    Started in May of 2013. 2014 SS collection debut. “In Tokyo” as the main concept, the collection expresses the many faces and sides of Tokyo through street wear designs for the modern woman.


    NONAGON is founded by YG ENTERTAINMENT, and SAMSUNG EVERLAND in Korea. The brand provides street and HIP HOP style designs. Global Offering will be held in September 9, 2014.


    Designer Masahiko Maruyama started the brand nude: masahiko maruyama in 1996. The designer focuses on matching different fabrics and textures instead of over-processing and pretentious designs. He wishes to convey his aesthetic philosophy through minimalistic silhouette and innovative use of materials.


    N°21 has an immediate success with press and buyers, offering a modern wardrobe, unique with a keen eye for the trends of the moment. Due to the persistent demand from buyers and insiders, in January of 2014 Alessandro Dell’Acqua presents first N°21 men’s collection during Pitti Immagine Uomo.

  • O

    OAMC is dedicated to the continuous development of ideas and products. Self-expression and the appreciation of high quality are the fundamental reasons why OAMC was created. Each season, concepts and ideas, as well as new materials and shapes, are developed into collections that reflect our time and spirit. The pieces are authentic and of uncompromising quality that are built to last. It is important that OAMC embraces the innovative techniques and the hand craft that bring Creative Director Luke Meier’s vision to life. The ideas presented are always modern and celebrate a strong, rebellious point of view. OAMC takes inspiration from music, art, film, and photography in equal measure to traditional sartorial methods, advanced natural and synthetic materials, and hand work.


    Best known as Kanye West's style advisor, Virgil has truly become one of the influencers in the fashion world. And in the upcoming season, Virgil announces the first collection of his own label -- Off White, which is a streetwear-meets-fashion line that builds on, and expands upon, Pyrex Vision. Pyrex Vision was comprised of third-party merchandise, such as Champion T-shirts, screen-printed with Abloh-designed graphics; Off-White will be a full cut-and-sew line, made in Italy.


    Affected by father, Olympia le-tan was born in a house surrounded by beautiful books. Designer famously creates various clutches of classic literature books made with impeccable handcraft and colorful graphics.


    Opening Ceremony, founded by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon in 2002, has evolved from the in house brand of a New York department store, into a leader in the market of combining avant-garde styling and streetwear.

  • P

    Palace Skateboard, founded by Lev Tanju, has turned itself from a skateboard company to a revered "underground" fashion brand. The brand aesthetic owes more to English football casuals than American West Coast style on which the skatewear industry is built.


    Palm Angels is founded by Francesco Ragazzi, who worked as an art director at Moncler. The brand is heavily influenced by the Californian skateboarding culture, bits and pieces of 70s preppy chic can also be picked up in Francesco's designs.


    PASKAL is renowned for delicate silhouettes, minimalistic shapes and precision that is reminiscent of innovative architecture and modern cultural processes. Beauty is derived from the garments’ core components and construction. The main element of the brand's DNA is the laser-cut technique. The result is a sensitive design with a strong personality.


    A dedication to the extraordinary, a devotion to beauty and a passion for rock and roll are the strong character traits that have compelled Philipp Plein to give rise to a brand notorious for both unbridled luxury and edgy style.


    Graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2011 with a master degree, Phoebe English created her own label when she was 25. She got a lot of awards such as L'Oreal Professional Creative Award & Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Merit Award,etc


    Pierre Balmain is the lower priced line of Balmain. Design team retains the glam rock style from Balmain immersing in leisure clothing. Edgy and urban, Balmain jeans are for fashion-forward guys who want to make a statement. Balmain denims come in quilted, twisted, ribbed, and distressed designs that hug the leg but still manage to look loose.


    plumpynuts was established by two designers who are Miyuki Omichi and Ayumi Kit. They first established the brand “Foundation Addict” which caught people’s eyes with it vintage and fun designs. In Sep 2009, they established the new brand “plumpynuts” and opened its first store “SHOW CASE” by plumpynuts in Harajuku.

    PORTS 1961

    Ports was founded in 1961, by Luke Tanabe, a Canadian entrepreneur. The company began as a business that imported silk from Japan, but gradually evolved to become an upscale women’s clothier with a reputation of making well-crafted garment. By 1966, the company was renamed Ports International. The No.10 blouse, a series dedicating to the unique perfections in every woman became a signature from the 60s. Ports began to rebrand itself from a classically inspired town and country clothier to a contemporary designer label, contemporary designs are given feminine finish with sophisticated style. The mid 2000s marked another turning point, Ports 1961 label was launch. In 2011, Ports 1961 relocated its design office to Milan, Italy.


    Founded in 2002, the brand is named after designer mother’s maiden names .The pair met while studying fashion at Parsons School of Design, They collaborated on their senior thesis collection, which was bought by Barneys New York in its entirety. *Only available at I.T Hysan One, please ask shop staff for details.


    To create fashion and casual style for women’s daily wear, Proenza Schouler developed its second line in 2017, named Proenza Schouler White Label. Address both ends of the spectrum in a way that feels totally authentic to us and relevant to the way people dress today. *Only available at I.T Hysan One, please ask shop staff for details.


    PROJEKT PRODUKT is an eyewear brand founded by optometrists and designers with their philosophy and sensitivity, which lets everyone be able to find their own styles among fast-changing fashion trends.


    pushBUTTON is a women’s wear design that was launched in 2003. Since its launch, the brand had rapidly acquired strong followings within fashion community with its unique, quirky, crazy and fun design. pushBUTTON’s bold and daring collection made fashion insiders often say that the most rising designer who has been looking for exactly.

  • R
    RAG & BONE

    Founded in 2002, Rag & Bone had one very clear vision in mind: to make clothes that are fit to wear for every day use. With no formal fashion training, Marcus Wainwright & David Neville began their journey with learning how to make jeans, and were surrounded with people who had been making patters, cutting fabric and sewing their entire lives.


    RE;CODE‘s philosophy is that “This Is Not Just Fashion”, launched in March 2012, the Seoul based brand aims to design newness without waste. It is creation of beautiful clothing with environmental consciousness in mind. The brands name is comprised of two elements: RE; the re-created design inspired by a revolutionary thinking and Code the new culture beyond fashion spreading the value of sharing and environmental concerns.


    Red Valentino tells a contemporary fairytale, one that combines freshness and classic style. Symbolizing a glamorous, romantic and playful parallel world where anything is possible, Red revisits, through innovative visual language, the timeless beauty of Valentino.


    REJINA PYO is a London based womenswear label, currently retailing worldwide in over 30 stores. REJINA PYO is best known for its graphic and playful yet effortlessly elegant aesthetic.


    "REKISAMI"’s concept is "Unbalanced Beauty", in order to view the changes of the community by the imbalance aesthetic value. Mixture of varies fabrics and casual clothing and add the designer’s intent of creation, becoming a unique finished product, was warmly praised by the majority while relying this point.


    A brand that has been producing exquisite dancewear since some 60 years ago. Since 1947, ballet dancers from all over the world are astounded by the delicacy and comfort of the brand with its unprecedented manufacturing process “Stitch and Return”.


    Rick Owens studied art at Parsons in LA. He then spent a number of years cutting patterns for knock-off and sportswear companies. Later, he embarked on his own label. Owens is Artistic Director for Revillon, the French fur brand founded in 1723.


    Rick Owens' ethereal brand of disheveled glamour is characterized by minimalist hues and dramatic draping. His second line, Lilies, offers a more playful take on the designer's signature style - think full pleats and finely ruched jersey, all in a luxuriously pared-down palette


    The brand Logo - "Cross Gun Motif", this cross pistol Logo stands for " peace " and " beautiful " , and has became the ROAR GUNS brand Logo in 2004. The design concept of the brand is a combination of American Rock Style and the military element , followed by the American ideology and culture, emphasising on the subtle design details.


    Womenswear designer Roberta Einer graduated from University of Westminster in 2015. During a placement at Balmain, Roberta learnt to have fun with design, turning her until-then minimal aesthetic on its head. Adopting traditional couture techniques realised in a vibrant and modern way, Roberta found her signature maximalist embellishments and illustrative, tonal embroideries.


    ROBERTS WOOD is a luxury concept brand founded by Katie Roberts-Wood following her graduation from the Royal College of Art. She presented the first collection ‘Digitalis’ during London Fashion Week September 2015, after winning the Fashion Scout Merit Award, establishing the brand’s ethereal yet bold aesthetic.

    Robes& Confections

    Founded by Marcel Rochas in 1925, Rochas has always been celebrities’ favorite to red carpet events. Recent years, Marco Zanini became the current leading design director for the brand. Since he joined Rochas, he modernizes the brand with its unique style of design but at the same time without losing the elegant identity of Rochas.


    Roque is a contemporary daywear project, with a strong reference to street style, to freedom to transform, mix and interpret. A relaxed luxury with the character and strength of immediacy. An avant-garde style, easy-going at the same time. This is a line initially created around jersey and silk, which now sees a natural upgrade in fleece, as treated fabric to create an unconventional look. Innovative cuts and shapes create an informal style with unique treatments and finishes for an instantly recognizable effect. Together with handmade prints, often representing elements taken from nature.


    Runa jewelry, with its zest and esteem for history, and created for those who value individualism, fill you with energy and become precious talismans.

  • S

    Starting from SS13, Yves Saint Laurent has changed its name to Saint Laurent together with its new logo. Saint Laurent Paris is a luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé. Yves Saint Laurent, founder of the brand, died in 2008.


    Sandy Liang is a designer based in downtown New York City. Graduated from the Parsons School of Art and Design, she landed internships from Opening Ceremony, Jason Wu and 3.1 Phillip Lim. She launched her first collection right after graduation and her namesake label. Playing with contrasts and reinventing oversized silhouette and material combinations, Sandy’s sophisticated designs are playful and fun to wear.


    Shangguan Zhe was born in 1984. One year after graduation from Xiamen University, China in 2007, he founded SANKUANZ Co., Ltd in 2008. After his accumulation in fashion design, Shangguan debuted his AW 2013 collection named “Tian Shang” in Shanghai Fashion Week and earned a great success.


    Designers Sarah Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton are the founders of Australian brand Sass and Bide in 1999. The brand started off by selling online, at the time all the clothing is designed and handmade by Sarah Jane and Heidi themselves, the cutting edge vintage design with a touch of feminine style has raised attention to the fashion world, and soon followed by participating in 2002 London Fashion Week.


    Designed by Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan at their Canal Street workshop in New York, Sea offers modern separates and feminine dresses with a twist. The duo’s line is perfectly pitched between downtown cool and uptown polish. Peplum shift tops, collared lace blouses and cropped trousers underpin the collection.


    See by Chloé is more youthful and casual than the house's main line, but still manages to retain the ultra-feminine personality and rock-'n'-roll chic that Chloé-ophiles have come to know and love. Created in 2001 to give customers more options, See by Chloé glams up even the most basic everyday looks.


    Graduated from reowned fashion school Central St. Martins, Sharon Wauchob was invited to be invloved in projects by Louis Vuitton. She established her own label in 1998 with her name "S.Wauchob" and developed a series of high-end fashion.


    SHIROMA is the label from the designer Shiho Shiroma. Established in SS2008 and started to exhibit in Paris during SS2010. Born on 1981, Shiho Shiroma had the experience of designing and planning for one of the largest scale overseas Licensed Line from Japan.


    Shourouk Rhaiem designed pieces for prestigious fashion houses Chloé, John Galliano and Roberto Cavalli before setting up her own jewellery label. She combines her signature Swarovski crystals and neon hues with unusual fabrics such as PVC and climbing rope to create colourful, contemporary pieces.


    SHUSHU/TONG was established in 2014 by two designers, Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang who graduated from London College of Fashion MA Womenswear. Shushu and Yutong share the same aesthetics, both trying to build a feminine modern sophisticated women image with a girly twist. Inspired by different female stereotypes, two designers keep pushing the boundaries between a girl and a woman, the concept of the design is all about having fun, a sense of chintzy, attitudinal glamour and fearless obsession. Combining grunge street style with tailoring finish, target clients are girls who have passion for fashion with personal aesthetics, like people working in creative industries including artists, stylists and designers looking for something unique and interesting.


    Designed and created by London based husband and wife team Avigail and Damian Collins. The two are renowned for styling some of the biggest names in the music industry. After years of creative and styling work they now also fill a niche in the industry for head-turning street-inspired accessories and more.


    Simone Rocha, daughter of Irish designer John Rocha – but her style is very different. She describes it as “modern and strong, yet romantic”. While the romantic influence is apparent, there is a delicate freshness about Simone’s clothes that stem from her treatment of lace and crochet in an emphatically modern and minimalist way.


    Born in Paris in 1930, her first designs were maternity dresses for herself in 1962. She opened her first boutique in 1968 and she is well known as “Queen of Knit”.


    London designer Sophie Hulme launched her eponymous accessories label in 2007. Renowned for injecting playful and unexpected elements into her designs, Hulme signals a new and exciting turn for the accessories world: every piece, from the handbags to keyrings, boasts an undertone of her inimitable, distinctly London cool.


    Formed by Kiyonaga Hirofumi in 1998. Since he is a football enthusiast, his designs often consist of element from the sport. In the early day, the brand is called Soph. but since then it has changed into the menswear line, SOPHNET, and womenswear, sophnet.


    Spektre are a Milan-based sunglasses brand that began in 2009. Since, Spektre have made a name for themselves as a high-quality, stylish label, sold in the world's most highly-regarded boutiques in over 42 countries across the globe. Trend-setting designs feature mirrored lenses with factor three protection from UV rays and are 100% polarized, creating trans-seasonal shades.


    Found in 2009 by Chris Stamp; Stampd, the west coast “avantstreet” accessories line represents contemporary luxury that has evolved past high street-wear whilst retaining its iconic styling cues.


    The daughter of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney and his wife Linda, Stella McCartney studied fashion design in London. In 2001 to develop her own label as part of the Gucci group, she opened her New York store in 2002.


    Beyond a simple function, the artistic design presents pleasant of dreaming with fantastic beauty and invariable special values. The French chic style combined with modern and retro includes an identity of Stephane Christian.


    The brand is famous of its street style with the combination of understated luxury. The colorful designs with sexy & cool style make the brand itself a very potential brand.

    Stone Island

    Experimentation, function and use are the matrixes that have always defined Stone Island: since inception in 1982, the Italian brand becomes a symbol of research and treatments in fibers and textiles applied to innovative design. The constant, scrutinising and boundless investigation into the transformation and enhancement of fibres and fabrics brings discoveries of new materials and production techniques that have never previously been used in the clothing industry.


    With over 30 years of experience under its belt, the brand Strategia attentively follows the evolution of fashion and women's needs, and boasts of the highest quality materials with handmade details. A Strategia woman wants to be comfortable yet stylish and sophisticated.


    Suecomma Bonnie is a GLOBAL BRAND launched in 2003 by Korea’s 1st generation shoe designer, Bonnie Lee. Established with a determination to customize and personally make shoes that Lee Bo-hyun herself wanted to wear, suecomma bonnie has gained popularity among celebrities and fashion leaders in Korea since its foundation.


    A favorite of women across the globe, Stuart Weitzman’s shoes are as much about luxury and uncompromising craftsmanship, as making a woman smile. As one of the most recognizable names in designer footwear, Stuart Weitzman is committed to creating excitement in all generations of women around the world.


    Swash is the label of artist duo Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka. Characterised by playful, whimsical designs,Swash scarves are works of art as much as fashion-forward accessories.

  • T

    Tamaki went over to U.K. after graduating from Rikko university in 2003. She entered Fashion Print department at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2005, after studying at Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2004.


    The Soloist was founded by the former designer of Number (N)ine, Takahiro Miyashita, making a comeback as a high-end menswear brand. The brand perfectly combined street fashion, punk and cult culture as well as high fashion.


    Thom Browne announced his first menswear series in 2001, attentions and compliments were gained immediately. Thom had won major awards thereafter, namely Menswear Designer of the Year (2006) - Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA) and Designer of the Year (2008) - GQ.


    Founded in 2006, Thomas Wylde is a global ready-to-wear and accessories luxury brand, with its studio and facilities headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The Company’s collections are instantly recognizable – and not just by fashion insiders but by an increasing number of the general public – for its pairing of the edgy with the elegant, distinctive prints and sleek bodies. These timeless investment pieces defy trends yet always bespeak their modernity. The aesthetic pays homage to the brand’s British roots and rock and roll culture while emphasizing nuanced design, innovative fabrications, quality construction and impeccable detailing. The seamless blend of luxurious fabrics, signature prints, bold imagery and symbolic embellishment are Thomas Wylde staples.


    Founded in 2011, THREE FLOOR was born from a shared desire to provide a contemporary, high quality fashion brand. Every season we aim to create a line that offers an impeccable selection of affordable fashion-forward pieces to covet as timeless wardrobe staples. Inspired by fashion’s elite; bloggers, editors and models off duty are the original source to creating pieces that bring a refreshing level of style and design to the customer.


    Tibi is an independent, privately owned designer brand founded by Amy Smilovic in 1997 whilst living in Hong Kong. Now based in New York City, Amy and her design team present their vision of refinement and modernity across four collections a year and during New York Fashion Week. Entrusted with a singular goal of creating covetable design for those who value distinction, Amy and her team’s designs speak to a broad range of individuals who seek the ‘unique’ in their wardrobe. Tibi’s pragmatic approach to luxury and design has earned its presence in top stores around the world.


    TIGER IN THE RAIN is a ladies' private collection designed by a Korean designer "Jung-Sun Lee". Jung-Sun Lee has been working in Korean fashion industry for more than 15 years and recently she founded her independent label Tiger in the Rain. The collection is composed of 3 parts: 1. Reformation of vintage clothing of designer labels such as Chanel, YSL, Burberry, etc. Piece-Unique and all done by hand. 2. Spirit tee is also reformation works, but the base garments are not vintage. 3. Ready to wear is own-designs, inspired from vintage reformation. The three themes are lined up together and presented as a combined look which demonstrates the fundamental concept of Tiger in the Rain: redefinition of aged taste.


    Born and raised in Belgium, Tim Coppens graduated from the internationally acclaimed Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1998. He has worked with various luxury and sports-performance brands as Adidas and Ralph Lauren before founding his own label. SS15 marks the first full expansion of Tim Coppens into womenswear.


    Born in Japan and educated in Paris, Furuta grew up with traditional Japanese aesthetics and later acquired a European approach to fashion design. Fascinated with the ancient Greek culture, she chose the word Toga which is an ancient Greek robe as the name of the label.


    Norwegian based Tom Wood, founded by Mona Jensen, launched its first jewellery collection in April 2013 with a huge selection of signet rings. The brand has reinvented the classic menswear piece, favored by kings of ancient times who used the embossed emblems on the rings to sign official documents.


    Tsumori Chisato is a Japanese ready-to-wear brand, founded in 1990 by Tsumori Chisato. The brand is expressing the interest, loveliness and freedom in life. She wish everyone can enjoy the flavor and joy while wearing Tsumori Chisato. The flagship store is located in Tokyo. Branches can also be found in Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai and Moscow.

  • U

    UGG Australia delivers on its promise of luxury and comfort right from the moment a consumer tries a shoe on. UGG Australia is about accessible, fashionable and comfortable luxury, a product that fits into the consumer's everyday life. Only the finest materials are used in the construction of these products; the highest quality leathers and suedes, and the world's finest sheepskin.


    Mitsuru Nishizaki founded his own brand UJOH in 2009. The axis of brand inclined from the cut out volume sense, to express complex woman with a masculine taste. The brand conveys an unlimited creativity and visual effects. Based on the concept of "Sophisticated and mannish", UJOH can demonstrate authentic clothing with the cooperation of technology and textile.


    Jun Takahashi Jun s established a label “NOWHERE” with Nigo. First stepped on the stage in Paris, Jun has amazed the fashion world that he was described as “the only Japanese fashion designer who can rock the fashion industry besides Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto”.


    uniform experiment has been started by SOPH.co.,ltd. as an experimental project for mens clothing since 2008. The identity of the brand has built up with several elements such like its original themes for each collection such like "color chart" and "U.E.NAVY".


    Abandoning all commercial compromise, Unravel is a defiant luxury style designed to disrupt and reimagine a high quality self-expressed and timeless basic.

  • V

    Founded by Valentino Garavani in 1960, Valentino hired Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli as the creative directors since 2008. In 2009, they showcased their first haute couture collection amazing the fashion world.


    After leaving the Studio Berçot, Vanessa Seward joined Karl Lagerfeld's team at Chanel and worked there for nine years. Then, she spent two years alongside Tom Ford at Yves Saint Laurent, before moving on to Loris Azzaro. She brilliantly relaunched this couture house with her inventive vision. Hailed by the press and buyers worldwide, she dressed many celebrities, including Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Nicole Kidman and Jemima Khan.


    The brand designer Ryo Ishikawa was born in 1975. He had worked in different fashion houses; then founded his their own brand VANQUISH. The design of VANQUISH leads a tough and dark style.


    Vans Vault is a premium line from Vans consisting of timeless styles drawn from the brands 40 years of authentic footwear design, inspired by contemporary street fashion, art, music and the world of skate and surf that has become synonymous with Vans.


    Versus is the diffusion line of noted Italian fashion house Versace. It began in 1989 as the first of many diffusion lines by the house, a gift by the founder Gianni Versace to his sister, Donatella Versace.




    The secrets of the success of Vicini S.p.a., a company established in the mid Nineties, are few but fundamental. First of all, there is the inexhaustible genius of the enterprising designer, Giuseppe Zanotti, and his creative team; then there is a meticulous, rigorous policy of product development, production, quality control and delivery, a thorough understanding of reference markets and a careful business and communication strategy.


    VIVETTA is an Italian contemporary brand established in 2009 by the fashion designer Vivetta Ponti talking about poetry, depicting a delicate, fun, light and at the same time assertive femininity and telling about the love of creative for dolls, antique, fifties furniture and tapestry from sixties and seventies.

  • W

    After the former Japanese national goalkeeper, Atsuhiko Mori, retired from his football career, he opened a pub named "ROCK STEADY" in Aobadai. He started designing and releasing T-shirts and home goods in the name of ROCK STEADY. And ROCK STEADY gained in popularity after crossover products co-designed with YOSHIDA & CO. and WTAPS.


    Walter Van Beirendonck was born in 1957 in Brecht, Belgium, graduated in 1980 from Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and was one of the members of "Antwerp Six". After that, he founded his own brand, Walter Van Beirendonck in 1983 and launched the first fashion collection.


    WELCOMECOMPANIONS is a fashion project that reinterprets everyday sartorial accessories and objects through a formal and surrealist lens.


    Founded in 1976 by husband and wife team Richard and Lucille Lewin, Whistles has been a leading British contemporary fashion brand, ”Effortless, Contemporary, Desirable” is Whistles’ characteristic. With quality and luxury details, the collections embody a signature aesthetic of modern and wearable pieces with a feminine edge.


    WHIZ is founded by Hiroaki Shitano in 2000. WHIZ is named by the first letter of the creative concept of designer which is "We Have Ideal Zones". In 2003, WHIZ was officially renamed as WHIZ LIMITED, adopting the Indian national style as a design concept, with great emphasis on the overall mix-and-match of clothing.


    From simple wool socks to famous cold-busting parkas, Woolrich products have embraced the authentic outdoor lifestyle for more than 180 years. Woolrich strives to design functional, comfortable and durable sportswear and outerwear using traditional fabrics like wool, cotton and down.

  • X
    Xiao Li

    Pushing the boundaries between knitwear and silicone, Xiao Li is best known for her witty commentary on the current fashion system, using colourful, voluminous shapes, and innovative yarns and textures. Studying BA Fashion Womenswear at London College of Fashion, subsequently at Royal College of Art, where she graduated with an MA in Womenswear Knitwear in 2013, Xiao began attracting attention back in 2012, when her structured, bubble gum knitted garments won the Pitti Filati ‘Feel the Yarn’ competition, an award for innovative knitwear. The following year, she won both the Loro Piana Award for Best Knitwear Collection and the International Talent Support Diesel Award – an accolade that led to a seven piece capsule collection in collaboration with the brand and sold exclusively at 10 Corso Como. Inspired by modern architectural structures, and the belief that knitwear doesn’t have to be shapeless, Xiao combined classical techniques with moulded rubber reliefs to create dipdyed pastel knitwear pieces, decoratively edged with silicone that British Vogue described as “marshmallow chic”. Working with luxurious Italian yarns and the best Chinese manufacturing available, Xiao merges both continents effortlessly in her directional collections. Originally born in the small Chinese seaside town Qingdao, Xiao moved to London for her education and in the space of a few short years has firmly established herself as one of China’s most promising talents. In 2014, the year after she graduated from RCA, Xiao was chosen for Fashion Scout’s Merit Award, which provides new designers with business support. In 2015, having produced just three collections, she was shortlisted for the prestigious LVMH Prize. Xiao will present her latest AW16 collection as part of the Mercedes-Benz International Design Exchange Program in both London and Beijing. With an impressive list of stockists, including Dover Street Market, Joyce HK and 10 Corso Como, Xiao Li is growing her international reach each season. Xiao creates four collections a year, covering womenswear, menswear, accessories and footwear.

  • Y

    Yohji Yamamoto presented his first Yohji Yamamoto collection in Paris and in 1984 he presented his first Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme collection. Yohji Yamamoto designed a collection for women based on men's garments, cut in uncluttered shapes, washed fabrics and dark colors.


    Since the appointment of Glenn Martens as Creative Director of Y/PROJECT in 2013, the Paris-based label has combined conceptual and inventive detailing with playful proportions and a witty take on historical references.


    Yang Li was born in Beijing in 1987, moved to Perth, Australia, in 1997 and to London in 2007 to study Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins. The YANG LI brand, founded in 2011, is based in London and shown on the official schedule of Paris Fashion week since 2013, featuring men’s and women’s collections. Known for his romantic minimal style, Yang Li’s designs are crafted in world class Italian factories and provide a full wardrobe with emphasis on tailoring, double face and leather. His signature style bridges the divide between polished and rough, cold perfection and the humanity of imperfection. His work is a research into how clothing/fashion expresses human attitudes and emotions often taking the iconic out of context. YANG LI collections are distributed worldwide through carefully selected sales points, including department stores and internationally renowned boutiques.


    Yeezy is founded by American Hip-Hop artist Kanye West. It is a collection of apparel and footwear that cherishes universality and timelessness.

  • Z

    Founded in 1997 by Thierry Gillier, Zadig & Voltaire is enjoying undeniable success in the high end ready-to-wear sector. The brand embodies new luxury by giving fashion basics a playful and resolutely rock’n’roll twist: an affordable, stylish and laid-back luxury.


    There is a calming feeling and a sense of delight surrounding those who wear Zucca. Zucca delivers a little organic spice into our daily lives.


  • 0-9

    3CE makes fashionable ladies shine with three kinds of attractive looks. With a large spectrum of vibrant colours, 3CE offers limitless potential for creating outstanding looks.

  • A

    The first AFURI in Hong Kong is now debuts at i.t orange forest! Named after Mount Afuri in Kanagawa, AFURI aim of offering top quality Japanese ramen. The signature MSG free chicken broth with yuzu is refreshing on the palate, making every mouthful simply indelible! There are roasted Spanish chestnut-fed pork and homemade al dente wheat noodles, and also freshly made dumplings, Tsukemen and hand-picked Japanese sakes on the menu to keep you coming back for more!


    as know as de base designs cute clothes for women. Employs multiple styles and a myriad of fabrics. Made with attention to detail. Stylish and subtle items bring out one's individuality.

  • B

    BEAMS was founded in 1976 with the goal of changing the culture and customs of Japan's youth. Keeping poised attention on time, BEAMS aims to be the leading force behind lifestyle and culture.


    Launched in 1998, BEAMS BOY was made for women who love the strength and function found in men's fashion. The selection centers around men's heavy duty and standard items, and pieces with substance, styled to highlight their unique appeal.


    Started in 2002 with the concept Art for Every Day, BEAMS T gathers worldwide artistic graphics which accelerates the evolution of BEAMS.


    United Arrows is one of the most renowned select shops in Japan - it was established in 1989. The brand concept is "MAKE YOUR REAL STYLE" - and its designs are based on this core idea. In 2007, United Arrows established its own designer label - Beauty&Youth.

  • D
    Deus Café
    Deus Ex Machina
  • E
    E hyphen world gallery

    E hyphen world gallery designs workwear and natural style clothes stressing fabric and cutting. Merging with unisex and leisure styles, it creates a new style called 'Neo Mode'.


    Established in 1999, earth music & ecology designs clothes in leisure and sweet styles. All its items are made with passion that can long be loved and worn.


    EMODA is established on March 2010. Concept of EMODA is "MODE-style" with monotone. EMODA uses simple silhouettes with different materials to make leading-edge mix & match. Although the concept of EMODA is mod, it does not only stay in a monotone box but also with an artistic coloring.

  • F
  • I

    Since 1998, i.t has been searching and scouting for the latest trendy products from Japan and China Hong Kong. i.t provides a diverse selection of trendy fashions at an affordable price, not only making trendy fashion accessible to the younger generation but also encouraging them to pursue enthusiasm in fashion.

    izzue coffee
    izzue market
  • J

    Journal Standard collects orginal products and global brands goods from world wide. It has over 34 shops in Japan,HongKong and Paris. It designs classic and causal American style outfits mixed with vintage & ethic details.

  • K

    Mode, basic and street style can simply present KBF. KBF provides basic items with seasonal and unique style as highlight to bring out KBF signature causal street style.


    As one of STYLENANDA’s stylistic lines, KKXX features black and white clothing. The line includes anything from sexy body-con dresses, trendy jackets, overcoats, leather skirts, logo tees to accessories like leggings, handbags and baseball caps. Recognized for its no-nonsense street-style, KKXX continues to create a culture of its own and impressing with its chord-striking images.

  • L

    LAP(LOS ANGELES PROJECT) is a Korean fashion brand established in 2011. They have taken core elements of Korean fashion with the street-style from Hollywood, and offers a wholly unique and chic style for young ladies. In 2015, the label established LAPCOS - its own cosmetics brand that introduces a variety of products and colors in line with the fashion trend.

  • M

    Established in 2006 by Momoko, MURUA designs items with cool and feminine details. Momoko's designs are in slim silhouettes with glamorous materials. Her unique fashion sense makes MURUA become a fast-rising fashion brand.

  • P

    Established in 1975, PAGE BOY designs stylish and causal wears. With the success of catching the trend, it has been famous in both Japan and oversea fashion industry.

  • R
    Ray BEAMS

    Ray BEAMS was established as BEAMS' first women's collection in 1984. It’s concept "The Way of Chic" contains diverse meanings such as "chic way of life", "chic styling" and "chic living". Ray BEAMS aspires to be a label that could be loved by all women through gaining happy feelings by coordinating the latest fashion with its standard items.


    Rose Bud was founded in 1993. "Rose Bud" refers to budding lady. Rose Buds outfits can always make you feel refreshing, beautiful and sexy like a rose blossom.


    Royal Party is sexy but stylish, simple but exaggerating, elegnant but glamorous. Designers can always bring us surprising and the sexiest items which never let its fans down.

  • S
    Snow Peak Eat

    Soohyang is a leading fragrance brand from South Korea. Founded in 2013 by a trained perfume designer, Kim Soohyang. Soohyang has so far designed 33 basic fragrances, in the hope that every customer can find their own scent.


    Spiral Girl is mixed with spicy, cool and rock styles with vintage Taste and the finest details of the fabric. It is stunning, charming, sweet and seductive.


    Providing a bold and refreshing take on current trends and off-duty looks, Korean brand STYLENADA offers an one-stop shop for ultra-chic apparel, accessories, and cosmetics.


    Originated from South Korea, SWEET MONSTER is now officially introduced to China Hong Kong exclusively by i.t in August 2015. A wide variety of desserts such as the signature Popcorn Ice Cream, Monster Shakes and ADE in monster size are all must-try desserts that should not be missed!


  • A

    A genuine sportswear legend of all times, Adidas is a major German-based sports apparel manufacturer.From its classic three-stripe saga, Adidas has developed into a trendsetting brand that not only produces sportswear, but also fashionable casual wear.

    After Midnight NYC

    AFTERMIDNIGHT is a New York-based streetwear label conceived by AKIRA MOWATT, the half-Jamaican half-Japanese member of the skateboarding legend UPREME back in 1990s. Having been immersed heavily in the skate scene in New York, the Okinawa native channelled his love for street culture into his own brand AM (AFTER MIDNIGHT) in 2009.


    Founded by legendary skater JULIEN STRANGER in 1995, ANTIHERO has since developed from a skateboard deck workshop into a full attire range with a clean and authentic style. Hardcore fans of the brand include the likes of JOHN CARDIEL and TONY TRUJILLO.

  • B

    Named after its founding visionary, Jake Burton Carpenter, Burton Snowboards triumphs as the world’s largest snowboard brand. With its exclusive snowboard-related goods of great quality and functionality, Burton emerged from its origin in the United States, to Japan in 1982 as a snowboarding goods supplier.

    Butter Goods

    BUTTER GOODS was founded in 2008 by Australian skateboard store manager GARTH MARIANO and photographer MATTHEW EVANS as a manifesto of their passion for skateboarding. Inspired by skateboarding culture, BUTTER GOODS offers authentic skateboarding attire made 100% by skateboarders in a playful and highly graphic design lexicon.

  • C

    Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) forms a division of the American brand Carhartt, one of the first companies to pioneer workwear in the USA.


    CHAMPION is a sports apparel manufacturer founded by the New York-based ROCHESTER in 1919. The company is known for producing durable, washable and innovative clothing using patented REVERSE WEAVING and other state-of-the-art technologies and materials. Many modern garments, such as sweatshirt, mesh fabrics, and sports underwear are invented by the CHAMPION with a trailblazing attitude towards sportswear. Today, CHAMPION is still dedicated to the development of high performance sports apparel and equipment, reimagining vintage classics with a modern edge.


    Converse makes sneakers and clothes for individuals everywhere who live creatively, optimistically and rebelliously. Since 1908 and until-who-knows-when, we exist to provoke, inspire and go along with them—whether that’s on a court, the green or the concrete, in a club, a studio or anywhere else.

  • D

    Founded in 2016 in the UK, DEADNIGHT is the epitome of British streetwear with a functional undertone. The brand takes cue from British culture and relevant social issues for its bold graphic designs. In parallel, DEADNIGHT offers humorous insights into fashion phenomena, often expressed through puns and straight-forward slogans.

    Diamond Supply

    DIAMOND SUPPLY.CO was founded in 1998 by NICHOLAS TERSHAY as a skateboard hardware manufacturer based in San Francisco. Operated through MIKE CARROLL and RICK HOWARD’s GIRL SKATEBOARDS, DIAMOND SUPPLY.CO soon grew into a full-range skateboard hardware and soft goods line. With a strong aesthetic identity and a commitment to creating high quality goods, DIAMOND SUPPLY. CO became a ‘go-to’ brand in the street fashion community.


    double-park is a multi-brand new format conceptual retail store under I.T Apparels Limited and is established in 2000. double-park carries variety well-known brands such as Carhartt, DC Shoes, Obey, X-LARGE and Zoo York, etc. One of the most popular in-house brand, fingercroxx is also available at Double-park.

  • F

    FACT. is an American streetwear brand with roots in skateboarding, music and art. The brand took its name from the frequently used abbreviation of the name FACTORY RECORDS. With a nod to the 80s and 90s subculture and DIY attitude, FACT. reflects subcultural influences held dear by the two founders over three decades. It is a collective of misfits and subversives built on the power of self-expression.

  • H

    HUF is the brainchild of the legendary professional skater KEITH HUFNAGEL, a New York native who moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s. Inspired by HUFNAGEL’s unique experiences travelling the globe as a skater, HUF started out as a specialty store bringing together streetwear, skateboard and sneaker brands under one roof. Soon enough, HUFNAGEL recognised the necessity to launch his own brand as a vessel to convey his own vision, thus giving birth to the HUF line in 2002. HUF epitomises skateboarding as a lifestyle, with the seamless combination of subculture, street inspiration and sportswear fashion that has garnered a cult following among the young generation.

  • I

    INDEPENDENT is the number one skateboard truck manufacturer established in 1978. The California-based company was created by RICHARD NOVAK, JAY SHIURMAN, FAUSTO VITELLO and ERIC SWENSON in response to the lack of quality trucks in the market. The brand logo was designed by legendary skateboard artist JIM PHILLIP based on the Iron Cross. From the brand’s very first original creations to calibrated trucks for today’s skaters, INDEPENDENT has stayed true to its mission of catering different needs while supporting professional skaters.

  • K

    KROOKED is a skateboard brand founded by legendary American skater MARK GONZALES in 2002. With a heavy graffiti-inspired undertone, the instantly recognisable design codes of MARK GONZALES form the cornerstone of KROOKED creations. The vision of GONZALES is also expressed through collaborative projects with none other than ADIDAS.

  • N

    Nike Sportswear is a product line rooted in the company’s passion for sport while at the same time remixing and improving iconic designs with new technologies. Nike Sportswear launches on 8th Aug, 2008 with eight iconic Nike products celebrating the legacy of Nike design.

  • O

    Sacritcally named to reveal its character as a rebel, OBEY is how Shepard Fairey, an art fanatic from South Corola, USA, makes his attitude and passion for street culture since 1989. The trendsetter draws inspirations from street cultures such as skateboarding, rock and hip hop.

  • P

    PUMA is one of the world’s leading Sports Brands, designing, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories. For over 65 years, PUMA has established a history of making fast product designs for the fastest athletes on the planet.

  • R

    REBEL8 humbly began in San Francisco and grew into a fashion phenomenon in Los Angeles. Founded by JOSHY D. and tattoo artist and designer MIKE GIANT in 2003 out of the vision to make street culture wearable, REBEL8 is an embodiment of counterculture and punk DIY attitude. With graphics heavily inspired by classic skateboard art, vintage tattoo flash and graffiti, REBEL8 is loved by tattoo and street culture enthusiasts around the world.

  • S

    SPITFIRE is a famous American skate brand operated by a team of top-notch skaters. It started out as a manufacturer of premium professional skate wheels and grew gradually into a full-fledged skater fashion and accessory brand in frequent collaboration with celebrated brands. The iconic SPITFIRE smiley face and flying wheel are recognisable epitomes of the brand’s authentic street aesthetic and nonchalant attitude.


    Staple was founded in 1997 by Jeff Ng, who, out of nowhere, started it the Silkscreen Lab at Parsons School of Design in New York, the United States, as an interesting story of a young aspirer.

  • T
    The hundreds

    THE HUNDREDS is an American streetwear brand founded by BOBBY HUNDREDS and BEN HUNDREDS in 2003. With its roots running deep into the West Coast culture in the 1980-90s, THE HUNDREDS incorporates the founders’ trademark attitude and personal perspective on street subculture, with an emphasis on people over product. Featuring tees, knit, denim and accessories, much of the brand narrative is told through collaborations with prestigious partners. Today, THE HUNDREDS is a 2-part project that encompasses also a media platform dedicated to global street culture.

    The Quiet Life

    THE QUIET LIFE is an American brand founded by ANDY MUELLER in 1997. MUELLER grew up in the Midwest under strong influence of BMX bike, skateboard, music and pop magazines. He then pursued a career in design and photography, taking up projects from skateboard brands. Besides operating THE QUIET LIFE, MUELLER is also a freelance photographer, designer and owner of an indie music label. THE QUIET LIFE is the summary of MUELLER’s worldview on cultures, expressed in the language of fashion.

  • V

    Sneakers that youngsters don’t want to live without. Vans was started by Paul Van Doren in 1966, who opened his first store in California, with business partners Jim Van Doren, Gordy Lee, and Serge D'Elia.

  • W

    In 2012, JOHANN LIEBEL and FANG YE created a Parisian streetwear brand WASTED PARIS that draws on their passion for fashion, photography and music. The brand revisits subcultural elements from a modern angle that reflects strong influence from the Parisian and European skate scenes as well as indie art from the 90s. WASTED PARIS is acclaimed for distinct and creative creations that dress skaters across the globe.

  • X

    This lifestyle brand is a combination of skateboarding, hip-hop, arts, rave, and all sorts of happenings around the world. The name XLARGE ® hints at Gen X and Living Large, and marks oversized baggy jeans as their signature.


  • A
  • C
  • E

    ete!, a brand under Hong Kong fashion group I.T, is a footwear and accessories select shop dedicated to fashion-loving young ladies. In addition to house brands such as PUZZLE and KATIE JUDITH, ete! also offers a wide range of selection by importing world-renowned labels. From sports brands such as adidas, Converse, New Balance, Nike, Puma and Reebok, to fashion-forward brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, Windsor Smith, VAGABOND and KARL LAGERFELD etc., ete! strives to ensure customers can create their perfect styles.

  • H

    HAVMOON is a fashion label founded in 2018, offering contemporary and affordable footwear and handbag for ladies to incorporate into their everyday fashion. Inspired by the ever-changing phases of the moon which is both unique and constantly evolving, the brand instills modernity, individuality and natural beauty at the very heart of its creations. From the design, cutting to the deployment of colours, it boasts a clean style without unnecessary frills. Sophisticated, delicate but never flamboyant, it highlights beautiful silhouettes with simple lines and artsy elements to celebrate the strength and femininity of modern women. While expressing ultimate minimalism with delicate textures and details, the designer also emphasizes a sleek style that is comfortable, allowing women to express their power and softness through their favourite footwear and handbags.

  • J
    Jeffrey Campbell

    "Hailing from the heart of Los Angeles, Jeffrey Campbell has slowly become the footwear brand to know in the US. Jeffrey Campbell is forever on the search for new inspiration, concepts and details which combine to create the many styles you see us offer each season. Jeffrey Campbell has emerged as the footwear choice of fashion nomads globally. With an eye for detail and a close concentration to concept and design, the Jeffrey Campbell collection offers something for everyone. "

  • K

    Founded in 2009, KATIE JUDITH is one of the distinctive brands owned by I.T Group which targets to explore styles in hard-edge glamorous rock. The brand’s very own accessories line with career footwear and bags mixed the essential elements of the seasonal trend and the idea of ladies romance together to project an edgy, sexy and powerful image.

  • M
  • P
    PaPer minT

    Ensure creativity and innovation by offering on-trend items. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, their pieces will find ites way to A-listers and fashion goers.


    puzzle, a trend leader of fashion sneakers, provides a variety of the most fashionable yet sporty footwear of the season. With the aim of creating casual fashion to share joy and happiness, it focuses on energetic, cheerful, fun and creative designs with no boundary. Other than shoes, the brand also offers bags to meet the taste of the trendy youngsters.

  • U

    Designed in Tokyo, UN BILLION offers stylish handbags at affordable everyday prices. UN BILLION strives to release styles with "more colorful, more variation and more enjoyable fashion accessories".

  • V

    "Vagabond Shoemakers is one of Europe's leading fashion shoe brands. The inspiration is drawn from everything from architecture to film, but most especially from all the interesting people crossing the roads of Vagabond. Each collection is targeting the ""modern vagabond"" in all corners of the world. Each collection is about every day fashion with a lot of attention payed to harmonies, sustainable quality and the details that counts."

  • W

    "Established in 1946, Windsor Smith is an iconic Australian footwear brand who's statement styles have shaped Australian fashion over the last 70 years.Windsor Smith has always and continues to be, at the forefront of shoe fashions, bringing overseas styling and the highest quality European material for everyone. "

  • Z

    Zaxy is a world-famous fashion brand of shoes proudly designed and produced in Brazil - ignites a unique inner force that’s inside every woman. With eyes on the environment and the future, Zaxy is proud to make products using recycled materials that are 100% recyclable, eco-friendly and water-friendly.





  • A

    Founded In 1993 in Ura-Harajuku, A BATHING APE® soon became a leading Japanese street fashion label. Using the face of an ape as its logo and borrowing from the movie Planet of the Apes the classic catchphrase “Ape shall never kill ape”, the label has been embraced by fashion lovers.

  • B

    Started in 2006, BAPE KIDS® already has four stores in Japan, offering more fashion choices for the younger generation. The collection includes clothes for both boys and girls aged from two months old toddlers to eight years old children.





  • A

    A genuine sportswear legend of all times, Adidas is a major German-based sports apparel manufacturer.From its classic three-stripe saga, Adidas has developed into a trendsetting brand that not only produces sportswear, but also fashionable casual wear.

  • B

    The name Bamford Watch Department is synonymous with uncompromising style and quality. Bamford Watch Department is the first company to personalize a range of steel sports watches. They are driven by passion for engineering excellence and innovation, and inspired by the demand of clients to wear watches that are exclusive and individual.


    Led by Co-Founder & CEO Jimmy Iovine, Co-Founder Dr. Dre, and President Luke Wood, Beats Electronics is based in Santa Monica, CA.

    Billionaire Boys Club

    The Billionaire Boys Club was created by Pharrell Williams in collaboration with Nigo, the founder of the A Bathing Apebrand. In 2004 BBC signed a contract deal with Reebok to release the clothing line along side the Ice Cream Sneaker Line, also created by Pharrell Williams.


    Street-wear brand Black Scale is the brainchild of founders Michael “Mega” Yabut and Alfred De Tagle. In 2008, the company started with street-wear fundamentals of T-shirts and hats, but has since branched out into outerwear and accessories.


    The name ‘Bounty Hunter’ already imposes this brand’s rock juggernaut. Founded by Hikaru Iwanaga in 1997, Bounty Hunter is obviously devoted itself to the spirit of Rock, drawing its inspirations from everything of Rock for a range of funky products including the sought-after figurines.

  • C

    A classic name with its origin dating back to Michigan, USA, in 1889, Carhatt (formerly known as Carhatt USA) remains an ‘Outdoorwear Legacy’ through the changes of time, and triumphs with its durable trousers, jackets and other functional apparels made of canvas – thanks to Hamilton Carhatt the visionary.


    Established in Rochester, New York in 1919, the Champion brand has a unique heritage as an originator and innovator of men’s and women’s athletic apparel. Champion has pioneered some of the most important innovations in the category of sports bra, reverse weave sweatshirt, team uniform, breathable mesh practice uniforms.


    Born more than a century ago, Cole Haan has been innovating ever since founder Trafton Cole started making resoleable shoes during the depression. Today, the NYC-based brand takes its inspiration from the streets of New York City, offering a range of classic staples with their signature twist—from outerwear and handbags to heels and weekenders—that can stand up to the rigors of the city and still look good.


    Converse makes sneakers and clothes for individuals everywhere who live creatively, optimistically and rebelliously.

  • D

    DRMTM was established in 2006 with the vision to develop modern street fashion designed in Germany.

  • E

    Founded in April 2002, EOps began with a philosophy that life should be about embracing the present and building a future with a positive and fun attitude. Our design philosophy is to create functional innovative products that are simple to use, while blending stylish and playful elements into the design.

  • F

    The 1991 brainchild of American artist/graffiti writer Erik Brunetti, a.k.a. DEN ONE, FUCT swiftly made itself an influence as a subversive streetwear brand, emerging from the humble room of Brunetti’s in Venice Beach, to the rest of the world.

  • M

    MISBEHAVE was founded in the heart of the former European East Block as a one-off DIY t-shirt line for a small circle of close friends - skaters, rappers, artists and models. Anti-establishment, independent, rough, rugged and raw.

  • N

    Nasty Palm from Korea has developed its brand with the local hip-hop style. Their designs are full of overall pattern, black & white tone and large scale print which are mixed with traditional American street style.


    NEIGHBORHOOD is the masterpiece of Shinsuke Takizawa. The brand started in 1994 at Harjuku in Tokyo, where has always been the origination of the hip and trendy fashion design. The enthusiasm of Takizawa towards classic motorbikes became his key inspiration, enabling him to develop the brand conveying both classic and hip styles.


    New Balance began as a Boston-based arch support company in the early 1900's, developed into a specialized shoe manufacturer in the 1970's, and has grown to become a leading global athletic products company.


    Nike Sportswear is a product line rooted in the company’s passion for sport while at the same time remixing and improving iconic designs with new technologies.


    It started as a frustration at a lack of quality watches that simultaneously do the talking for you and has since grown into a group of athletes, rock stars, retailers, and dedicated loyalists that bring Nixon products to market.

  • P

    PUMA is one of the world’s leading Sports Brands, designing, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories. For over 65 years, PUMA has established a history of making fast product designs for the fastest athletes on the planet. PUMA offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as Football, Running, Training and Fitness, Golf, and Motorsports.

  • S

    Copenhagen based unisex label, Sons of William, sets out to create collections that focus on refined functional wear featuring innovative prints, fabrics and details.


    In early 2013, Stereo Vinyls Collection was founded by an East London based creative director Jae Huh and a Seoul based creative planner Kihwan Kim.

  • V

    Sneakers that youngsters don’t want to live without. Vans was started by Paul Van Doren in 1966, who opened his first store in California, with business partners Jim Van Doren, Gordy Lee, and Serge D'Elia.





  • H

    In 2008, HOODS STORE was grandly opened at Ice House Street, Central, providing the renowned Harajuku brands NEIGHBORHOOD and WTAPS latest collections. In every December, HOODS China HONG KONG will launch a limited anniversary collection to celebrate with its fans on the establishment in China Hong Kong. Throughout the years, HOODS China HONG KONG has been one of the favorite shopping spots for all fashionasta.

  • N

    NEIGHBORHOOD is the masterpiece of Shinsuke Takizawa. The brand started in 1994 at Harjuku in Tokyo, where has always been the origination of the hip and trendy fashion design. The enthusiasm of Takizawa towards classic motorbikes became his key inspiration, enabling him to develop the brand conveying both classic and hip styles.





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