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Grand Opening of I.T x Galeries Lafayette Beijing18.Oct.2013

I.T’s global vision is best embodied by its 50/50 venture with French department store, Galeries Lafayette, establishing and operating the first ever Galeries Lafayette in China. In addition to bringing local fashion brands to an international audience, this new project brings some of the world’s most prestigious brands to China for the first time, marking a new period in China’s retailing history, opening doors to the international fashion realm.

On 18th October, I.T held the Galeries Lafayette grand opening party at the department store. Apart from chairman of Galeries Lafayette Group Philippe Houzé, CEO of Galeries Lafayette Nicolas Houzé, CEO of Galeries Lafayette (China) Laurent Chemla, chairman of I.T. Limited Karwai Sham and managing director of I.T China Kenny Chan, I.T also invited a number of celebrities to the celebration party, including Audrey Tautou, Xiong Naijing, Aaron Kwok, Chilam Cheung, Shawn Yue, Niki Chow and so on.