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ZADIG & VOLTAIRE’s First Fall/Winter 17 Fashion Show in China31.Aug.2017

31st August, 2017, the first ZADIG & VOLTAIRE Fall/Winter 17 fashion show in China rang up the curtain at Beijing’s fashion epicentre - Sanlitun Tongying Center, where celebrities and Fashion icons get a preview of the brand’s latest offerings. Coinciding with its 20th anniversary, ZADIG & VOLTAIRE’s first FW 17 fashion show in China and its after-party are marked by a jubilant atmosphere filled with upbeat tunes.

Famous actress Mabel Yuan graced the star-studded event as special guest in ZADIG & VOLTAIRE special edition Tee with the slogan “Girls can do anything” to exude girl power. She paired it with a tassel-embellished leather skirt to embrace a sense of vibrancy and individuality. Celebrities attending the event include Chen Ran, Lizzie Li, fashion pioneer boynam, BoBo Lun, Peter Xu, Huang Fu, Natasha, Shawn and Tintin. ZADIG & VOLTAIRE FW 17 fashion show seamlessly alternating between classic bohemian elegance, unisex coolness and eccentric sensuality was a visual feast to behold.