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  • I.T POST #16


    This issue, I.T POST is themed 「TRUE2SELF」. The theme is short for 「TRUE TO SELF」, evoking a sense of liberation in self expression and at the same time, be honest with oneself. It’s not easy to be true to yourself today as people are easily tempted to follow the trend and lose individuality. It’s no doubt that being true to yourself is difficult in today’s life, it not only takes confidence but also courage. Yet, the few ones who stay true to their own values and go against the current, follow no trend lead extraordinary lives. In light of that, ISSUE 16 of I.T POST strives to spread the message of staying true to self and awakening the lost souls in the current time.

    To match the theme of this all-new I.T POST, our editorial team worked with world famous models, photographers, artists, designers and more creative units for the page-turning issue filled with luxurious and fashionable content. Contributors include LUCK BLUE SMITH, famous American model and member of POUNDS band who modelled the latest autumn-winter fashion collections, Korean photographer Jin Yong Kim and Yoo Ji Ann who showcased the latest Korean style fashion while British photographer Au Matt paired with Japanese model Saki Asamiya to present the latest Japanese trendy looks. Other casted models include Cho Min Ho, Nam Ju Hyuck and Hyeong Seop from South Korea. Also the issue interviewed famous Chinese artist Lin Jian, famous Korean designer Park Seung Gun behind fashion label pushbutton as well as Masanori Morikawa of famous Japanese fashion brand Christian Dada. The designers and artists shared their journey in creativity and how they stayed true to themselves in their works. The all-new 2014 AUTUMN-WINTER I.T POST, filled with inspirational stories and captivating visuals is a fashion read not to be missed this season.


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