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  • I.T POST #20

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of I.T POST, the latest edition of the magazine revolves around number 10, and interviews a string of international artists, designers, photographers and models, who share their inspirations and personal stories. The cover of the anniversary issue was helmed by renowned local stylist and photographer Olivia Tsang. In the cover photo, the fashionably styled model emerges from the opaque, murky background, with only her face, hand arm and leg visible. The whole picture illustrates the mysterious and fashion-forward attitude of I.T, while also signaling that the brand will continue to lead its followers to step out of their comfort zone and create more unique looks.

    In coordination with the new issue’s topic, the production team paid visits to artists, designers, photographers and models around the global, and invited them to pour their artistry into the issue. To highlight the theme of number 10, several revered international designers contributed their own creations. American designer Thom Browne shared 10 of his unique design sketches, while Massimo Giorgetti, founder of Italian brand MSGM, displayed 10 travel journal entries with collage art. In addition, beloved British designer Simone Rocha showed us her 10 favorite pieces of fabrics from her brand’s past collections, and popular design icon J.W. Anderson talked about what the number 10 meant to him. Meanwhile, ELLE Hong Kong columnist Perpetua Ip interviews 10 young locals working in creative industries such as fashion blogger Ruby Gloom, illustrator Afa Lee and photographer Deon Wong, inviting readers to enter the world of the new generation of Hongkongers. Other editorial highlights include fashion photography and Korean street style snaps by Hong Kong photographer Olivia Tsang, Leung Mo and Kwan Nam. Bringing together inspirations and creations from talent across the world, the new issue of I.T POST is not to be missed by fashion lovers!


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